Restaurant and bar

Our menu is 100% available for indoor dining and we are at 100% capacity. You will be able to eat your lunch and beverages on the 3rd floor only.

Our 2 types of menus :

Le Massif du Sud’s tasty menus are prepared according to our unique policy, which stipulates that all meat served in the cafeteria comes from farms located within a 30 km radius. The meals we serve are cooked to make your experience as enjoyable inside as outside.

The Cafeteria offers a varied menu without without forgetting the traditional poutine.

The sandwich shop has a more exotic menu with its Shish-taouks, our famous Tonkinese soup and our chili cone carne.

Cafeteria Menu
Cafeteria menu after 2pm

Official partner of the restaurant and the Bar le Sous-bois: