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Make your home in Le Massif du Sud!

An oasis of peace and fresh air only 1 hour from Quebec City, that’s what Massif du Sud Mountain Village has to offer. An integration plan harmonized with nature presents a green concept, minimizing its environmental footprint. A place away from stress and close to real life.

The companies of the Massif du Sud.

La Station touristique Massif du Sud is a subsidiary of its parent company, Les compagnies du Massif du Sud. This company groups together various subsidiaries operating in the Massif du Sud sector and aiming at its development.

The subsidiaries have expertise in real estate development withVillage de Montagne Massif du Sud, as a general contractor through Bâtisseur des Appalaches and in lodging management with Hébergement Massif du Sud. The expertise of each one guides the harmonious development of the sector by protecting a philosophy and ways of doing things that promote long-term growth.

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