Sustainable Development


The Massif du Sud Tourist Resort takes an ECORESPONSIBLE turn!

We are very proud of our ECORESPONSABLE Level 1.

Commitment Certification: Our entire team rallied together with conviction in this phase of preparation for change. We are now part of the Quebec ECOLEADERS!

Starting in August 2023, Station Touristique Massif du Sud will benefit from highly professional support from the accredited experts of the ECORESPONSABLE Program throughout the entire process.

Obtaining this certification is about much more than the environment. It also involves social, economic and transversal skills.

Our environmental objectives:

- Invest in clean and/or energy-efficient technologies

- Reduce the environmental impact of resort activities and protect natural areas (water and land)

- Minimize GHGs associated with the resort's direct and indirect activities

- Better management of residual materials

Our social objectives:

- Promote safe behavior among employees

- Encourage ongoing training for all employees

- Promote local artistic culture

- Promote access to the mountain for people with special needs

Our economic objectives:

- Implement a responsible procurement process

- Put sustainable development at the heart of the organization's strategy (communication, awareness-raising...)

- Develop services in line with sustainable development values

- Set up processes for monitoring and documenting eco-responsible certification (manager, indicators, scheduled meetings and management reviews)

We are proud of this commitment, and take to heart the steps that will lead to improvements in many areas that concern us all. Such as the protection of our environment and its precious biodiversity, as well as the quality of life of the people who live alongside it.

We hope that you will also take this approach to heart, and that you will contribute by participating positively in the changes that will be made in your working environment, and that this will inspire you to pursue your eco-responsible approach in your daily life and at home!