Reloadable electronic access card.

New for the 2022-2023 season.

New RFID technology at the resort. Easy fun on the slopes!

RFID is an identification system that includes a tag with electronic chip that is used to store information on a card. The transfer of data from the electronic component to the reader is done without contact, by radio frequency, which is why it is called a radio frequency reader. (Radio Frequency Identification),

Already used in several sectors of the tourism industry, this technology is now making its appearance at our resort. It can be found at the lifts, in season passes, our 10-ticket series and daily tickets. It’s the fastest way to get an access pass at the resort – 24 hours a day.

This technology offers many benefits:

  • Once you have the initial card, you can head straight from your car to the ski lifts. No more line-ups at the ticket office and no more manipulation of tickets;
  • It is easy to use (no need to take it out and show it to a checkpoint), so it can stay warm in your jacket pocket, since it is automatically detected by the electronic terminals;
  • The RFID card is valid for one person only and you can reload it as many times as you want afterwards.
  • This card is eternal, as it can be reloaded. In our case, you can even charge it from your smartphone or from the comfort of your home.

What should be avoided:

  • DO NOT make holes in your card as this may damage the RFID antenna.
  • Avoid carrying more than one card (card from another ski resort) through the gate because the system is unable to read multiple signals at once.
  • Although these cards are designed to last for years, carrying them through the wash and dry cycle can damage and disable the card.