Snowpark & Freeride Parc

At the end of the 90s, 6 passionate riders and a great groomer driver, almost all natives of Armagh in Bellechasse, proposed a great project to the management of Le Massif du Sud called MDS Snowpark. These riders wanted to create a unique park with out-of-the-ordinary modules on the exceptional playground that is Le Massif du Sud. Each team member had a different route and brought his or her own ideas to the project, which led to the creation of several exclusive features such as Transfer jumps, Dodge Rail, Over the fence, Closeout Galerie, MDS Slopestyle, Street Style and many more...

We had a demolition derby welder to weld and create our rails, a real snowpark tripper and snow film for ideas, a motivated new rider, a project manager and ally and an all-round rider. Over the years, the team has changed a little with motivated young riders and dreamers, but the roots of MDS Snowparc remain, new partners have joined the team and the evolution of the sport is always a priority in the design of our parks every season.

The MDS FREERIDE Parc is a great project we've been developing since 2017. This year the classic MDS SNWPRK meets the MDS Freeride Parc for a new park concept. So you'll have the chance to practice your tricks on rails, passing through jumps, drops as well as the Panel Box and lots of other unique modules. You don't have to be a snow park enthusiast to have fun in this park. All you need is your imagination and plenty of options to make this a unique run and get a great feeling on your boards. On Powder Fridays and all POWDER DAYS, it's important to note that the MDS FREERIDE Parc will be left in fresh powder for even more fun and the chance to try that trick you've been dreaming of for years.

What's more, we've created a unique undergrowth called the's up to you to discover it on our mountain and have fun on the modules in the middle of the forest!!!! In this huge playground, we'll be developing 6 distinct terrains, each with its own theme.