Ski Parol MDS

mountain first aid and prevention

The Massif du Sud Ski Patrol wishes to renew its bank of of candidates for next season!

Joining the Patrouille du Massif du Sud means embracing your passion for the outdoors building lasting relationships with your colleagues, developing first-aid skills while ensuring safety and prevention on the mountain. To become a certified ski patroller, you must...

- Be at least 16 years old

- 56 hours of initial training with the Institut national de secourisme du Québec

- Pass theoretical and practical tests

- Intermediate ski/snowboard snowboarding intermediate/advanced level.

In addition to being part of an enthusiastic team, you'll enjoy a number of benefits benefits throughout the season.

Interested in joining ? If so, please send a short letter of interest to the following address .

Following analysis of your application, you may be invited to an appointment to assess your skiing or snowboarding skills.

The ski patroller's job is to provide supervision at ski resorts, and to administer first aid when necessary.

The ski patroller's role is that of lifeguard, not safety officer. Unlike many other first responders acting as first aiders, the ski patroller is trained to respond to multiple situations every day. Depending on where they're assigned, the frequency of their interventions can be high each shift. Every winter day, ski patrollers perform hundreds of interventions: their training is designed to make them mountain specialists in the winter and sporting conditions that Quebec has to offer.

The ski patrol Massif du Sud is a dynamic team of volunteers and professionals whose goal is to provide first aid and prevention services on alpine ski trails, as well as during Catski expeditions.

When a trail is closed, tell yourself there are reasons. The glades aren't open, because there's still not enough snow to cover the rocks, stumps, trees... in short, there's not enough snow.